Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wellness, or something like it

I ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast this morning.

Afterwards, I raced to a school to write about its first-ever health fair. I didn't think I'd learn anything new (I already know it's NOT a good idea to eat cookies for breakfast):

Brushing my teeth properly? Check.

Flossing? Check.

Washing my hands? Check.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables? I'm working on it (I can't profess to be totally healthy. I mean, I did eat cookies as my first meal).

But, I did learn something unexpectedly.

A nurse coaxed me into getting my height, weight and body mass index checked by some gargantuan machine.

When I saw the results, I was shocked. Literally. I almost thought about developing an eating disorder.

That machine said I was an inch shorter and weighed about 15 pounds more than my doctor's scale--and I thought that was wrong.

I've got to do something. And, quickly.

Luckily, those fleeting thoughts of developing an eating disorder subsided: I had three chocolate-covered donuts for lunch.

I'm going to do better. I promise.


Anonymous said...

It must be a slow news day for you to be writing stuff like this on Gannett's time. WOW

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous. She should go to the one at David Raines this weekend. I am sure they will have some greens and chitterlings on the menu. They will go fine with the cookies and donuts.

rosy205 said...

I only discovered this blog earlier this week, so I'm new to it, but I've already read so many comments from people criticizing the subject matter of the blogs that are posted. Isn't the point of these types of forums to sound off on whatever's on your mind at the time? I mean, obviously there are forums for specific things (such as a blog for American Idol, for example), but this particular one is for "The daily scoop from young adults reporting and living in Shreveport-Bossier City." That's pretty wide open if you ask me. Let them post whatever they want!

Ashley Northington said...

Thanks, Rosy!

I really appreciate your comments.

Anon #1: Definitely NOT a slow news day.

Anon #2: David Raines is too far for me to travel and I DON'T eat chitterlings.

yogagal said...

I totally agree with Rosy. What's going on your life that all you have is time to critisize other people?? geez. critisizing a blog???? I thought it was a great blog. it's about life. a part of life most of us struggle with and joke about and laugh about.
and how much time do you think it took to right the blog compared with the time it took to go to the event and write the story? the blogs are ENTERTAINMENT people, not news. and ACTUALLY, Gannett is the one who wants their reporters to blog, because BLOGGING is popular, evidenced by both you ANONomous bloggers finding time in your day (hmmmm what job were you not doing at 1:26 p.m.) to read and write the reply. Ashley was actually doing HER job.
Greens and chitterlings??????? what's that suppose to mean ?????wow.
those type of comments floor me. it makes me embarrassed for you to read a comment like that.


yogagal said...

oops .. i meant write about. not "right about". and yes.. anonymous snobs i'm sure you'll have something to say about what an idiot mistake that was. but so be it. i made a mistake.

Kathryn Usher said...

My professional wrestler daddy (now retired and living on water canned tuna with no mayo because he's hard core like that) said "if it tastes good it ain't good for you."

You could always start small. Drink water not Coke. That's what I did four years ago and I'm down a hundred pounds... only several more hundred to go.

P.S. Pay no attention to the anonymous a**wipes. If they had any ovaries they would use their real names.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny that two anons posted one opinion two minutes apart

Anonymous said...

Yeah those guys suck

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two people above me ect. ect.

Ashley Northington said...

Yogagal: thanks for your comments, i do appreciate them.

Kathryn: I am trying not to drink cokes. It's so hard for me. I think I'm addicted to them. I told yogagal if she ever saw me with one to throw it away...and she did once and I almost died.

I've now resolved to only drinking one per day. That seems to be working. Maybe I'll go from seven a week to three and then to one and then none. I hope so. Then I can loose the 30 pounds I'm shooting for.

Thanks for reading, y'all.

Stephanie Bemrose said...

I try to drink a lot of water instead of pop and I do pretty well at work using the water cooler-thinga-ma-bob in the newsroom. Out at restaurants, I usually try to shoot for water because I never drink the whole drink. I figure there's no reason to pay $1.75 for something that I'm not going to drink completely.

For me, I walked Friday night around my neighborhood. I want to get in better shape and feel less tired at the end of the day. Last year, I was working out twice a week during my lunch breaks. I felt so much better in the evenings and had more energy to do everything that needs to get done in a day. So that's what I'm trying to work back to -- getting in better shape.

So good luck with your wellness program, Ashley!