Friday, January 05, 2007

30 ain't that bad...

Last year Shreveport only had 30 murders, according to a story Adam wrote that was published Wednesday in The Times.

But that number really isn't that bad. Is it?

Yes, I know it's absolutely horrible for the victims and their families. Loosing someone to an act of senseless violence is always horrendous and I can't even pretend to know how they feel. And its equally bad because people are still getting shot, stabbed, and brutalized--but they aren't dying as they once used to.

But 30? That's a lot better than what it has been in previous years.

Maybe Shreveport isn't as bad and dangerous as some folks (like my parents) think.

It's getting better. And that's something to be glad about, right?

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Anonymous said...

30 isn't that bad given that New Orleans had 161 and already has 7 the first week of 2007. It wasn't that long ago that everyone valued life, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.