Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Resolution: No More Pills

Like most folks, I have made - yet again - a New Year's resolution to trim away a few pounds and recapture my former college glory (it was brief, yet still enjoyable).

In the past, these resolutions produced varying results due mostly to varying efforts. I lifted weights, logged hundreds of miles on treadmills and trails and tried all sorts of ways to cure a pretty severe sweet tooth.

Most often, though, I spent waaay too much of my money on supplements ranging from creatine to carnitine to Hydroxycut to Muscle Milk and a bunch of other strangely named pills that aim to fiddle with my metabolism.

I mention this because of news today that the Federal Trade Commission fined four diet pill makers, including TrimSpa which has been touted by Anna Nicole Smith, for making false claims.

Without rehashing with the AP article already covers, know this: the only sure way to better times on the scale is by eating a balanced diet and working out somewhat regularly. It sounds simple but, somehow, remains extremely hard for most of us. There is no cure in a bottle, no matter how much these pill marketers try to convince us otherwise.

And while I'm not running 10 miles a day like Diane (that, to me, seems particularly grueling), I'm getting ready for more miles on the treadmill and a few sets under a weight bench. See ya'll at the gym, I guess.

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Diane Haag said...

I've been something of a slacker since my race and the holiday craziness. So I'll be joining you in recommitting myself to somewhat regular workouts -- heck, I bought new pants after all that running and I can't afford to grow out of them!