Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Respect goes both ways

It's been so cool having all these movies made in the area, and I enjoy hearing people's celebrity sighting stories. That may be because I don't have a good one. I've only had one "celebrity" sighting, and that was when Chris Kataan yelled at me in a bar because he thought I was trying to take his picture with my cell phone. Sorry, Mango; I was actually just trying to make a call.

It's good that Shreveport has opened its arms to so many celebrities, and I'm happy to hear that the locals are relatively sane when they encounter a movie star. These actors and actresses are people too, and they deserve and demand respect.

But that respect should go both ways. Just because I un-flip my phone in your general vicinity does not mean I'm looking to invade your privacy and sell your photo to

I think it's a fair trade. If we let celebrities get through a meal without requests for autographs and photos, they'll give us the benefit of the doubt as we go about our business. And in the meantime, we can all continue to share our celebrity sighting stories -- good and bad!


Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Right on, Heidi! But they should just eat their dinner and then just pose for a pic. It's the regular folks that made them famous!

Kate Warren said...

Whatever Heidi! You know you were going to make that photo your screensaver at work.