Sunday, January 28, 2007

What would you do when face to face with the famous?

I've been here for about six months now and just had my first celebrity sighting.

Let me first say, I'm a HUGE fan of Comedy Central's Daily Show. It's hilarious. Between Stephen Colbert (before The Colbert Report), Steve Carell (before The Office) and the host John Stewart, there's never a dull moment.

Friday I was out at Stray Cat in downtown Shreveport when I noticed a little bald man that looked so familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on his name. It only took a second before I leaned over to Adam and whispered, "Is that Rob Corddry?"

I realize that most people don't know who he is, but I loved him on The Daily Show. My favorite was his piece on high gas prices and SUV's where he was driving around in a stretch Hummer that he would need to fill with gas as soon as he pulled away from the pump.

Anyway, I kept pestering everyone I was with, saying I wanted to speak but was a little scared. Finally, he left his table (where he was sitting with the Harold dude from Harold and Kumar) to go to the bathroom and I decided I'd catch him when he was away from everybody. (I feel crazy just typing this.)

When he came out I just said hi and he stopped, smiled and spoke.

I then started babbling like an idiot about how I love the Daily Show, how I loved him on the Daily Show and how I didn't mean to bother him but thought I'd be mad later if I didn't speak.

He was very nice through the whole thing, shook my hand and thanked me for speaking to him. He really seemed sincere about it too. I told him to have fun and off he went.

That little encounter made my week.

A friend and I always talk about how we'd act if we met someone famous. We'd like to think we wouldn't act like dorks, instead come off cool, calm and collected.

I think it's safe to say I was none of those things Friday night.

But to re-post Heidi's call - what are some of your Shreveport celebrity sighting moments...and how did you handle it?


G$ said...

Janelle...think he washed his hands before he came out o the bathroom and you shook his hand? He might be famous (even though I have no idea who he is), but cooties dont care!

Donecia Pea said...

LOL at g$ comment!

Anyway, I can sooo relate. I'd always like to think I'd be cool around celebs, but I swear I get so nervous when it's someone I admire or really like.

My all time WORST was when I met Erykah Badu about 3 or 4 years ago. The mere memory of that event still makes me shudder with embarrassment - and I was working at the time! I'm not even going to go into details, (I already purged myself in the column I wrote about it at the time) but I was SUCH a dork, which caught me TOTALLY off guard because I thought I was cooler than THAT by then, lol. The good thing is, it made me handle celeb meetings much cooler, especially when it came to meeting that special celeb crush, lol. (You know who I'm talking about, lol.)

Thank God, by the time I met him, my celeb-meeting behavior was at least upgraded to the level of a trying-to-be-cool college-age student (Even though I was a full grown, post-college, working adult at the time. Baby steps...)

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

I remember reading your Erykah Badu column back when I was just a youngster. I really like her... saw her late last night on an old Chappelle's Show episode.

Anonymous said...

In my former career I used to interview a host of cool celebs, but nothing beats being on set and in scenes with them. I got to make Sandy Bullock laugh in between takes of a scene with her and I had lunch with Demi Moore before shooting a few cool scenes with her. Sienna Miller winked at me and while on the set of Thief I got to hang out with two actors and a stuntman and listen to them swap stories about their divorces. Its neat to hang with them, but even cooler when they simply open up and share their lives with ya.