Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some more good stuff from the Sugar Bowl

Besides humbling Notre Dame 41-14 in its ninth consecutive bowl loss, there were a few other highlights last night in New Orleans.

  • Drunk people on stairs. If you haven’t been to the nosebleeds in the Superdome, get ready to do some serious climbing to get there. And those steps get pretty steep, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see intoxicated folks fall down. One lady sent her cup of beer flying, and I laughed.

  • Plastic beer bottles with screw on caps. Obviously that lady didn’t know about these before her unfortunate ascent. But they made it safer for her subsequent trips. When people dropped them on you, they wouldn’t spill or crack your skull.

  • Two top-notch college marching bands. Neither bring the funk like Grambling or Southern, but they’re both rooted in tradition. There’s no question about LSU fans’ intense love for the Golden Band from Tigerland, but it was fun to see the Band of the Fighting Irish running across the field versus the Tiger Band’s slower strut. I wasn’t sure the Fighting Irish band’s tribute wasn’t a subtle form of mockery, though. But never fear, the purple-and-gold crowd was quick to boo Notre Dame’s alma mater. Classy.

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