Monday, January 22, 2007

Battle of the Sexes, Part 1

So some of us female co-workers were having a discussion tonight. We were talking about, of course, the problem with you guys out there.
Now, don't get it twisted. This wasn't some male-bashing session or anything even close to that.
I mean, we only said that men are just stupid, plain and simple.
Just kidding. We weren't that harsh.
We did conclude though, that on average, men just truly do mature slower than women which is clearly evident by the decisions they make in their relationships with women. Plain and simple.
"Even when you're just hanging out and having fun, with no pressure or anything, they STILL get scared!" one co-worker said. And, of course, we ALL gave a hearty amen to that.
Personally, I've always felt like we women are way more in touch emotionally than men are, which is why we're much better communicators. Of course, I've heard many male friends say that the mere fact that they're not as emotionally attached allows them to have a clearer, more logical mindset when it comes to the life choices and decisions they make.
So, is it fair to say that women are more emotionally in-tuned than men and does it make us the better, more mature sex? If men are less emotional than women by nature, does it make them the more mature sex?
Of course, this is an age-old debate and it's not like we're going to get any answers here. But I still wanna hear both sides weigh in, because... Well... It's fun. So let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

As a single 30 year old male, I was thinking I ought to weigh in on this, but got too busy drinking beer and playing video games. Sorry! ;)

Donecia Pea said...

LOL! And I think that comment alone just about sums up everything. Thanks anonymous!

MattyMattyChooChoo said...

I would argue that men are just as "in-touch" with their emotions as women, we just don't always let them control our thoughts and actions. We acknowledge our emotions and decide how we want to deal with them.

"How do you write women so well?"

"I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability." ~As Good As It Gets

Donecia Pea said...

Ooooooh!!! Touche mattymattychoochoo! So are you saying that women are basically an emotional mess who don't typically handle or deal with their feelings?
Because I tend to think men are the ones who don't know how to do that. Like y'all may acknowledge emotion, but then you just push it aside and tuck it away until you just implode (i.e. affairs, divorce, workaholic-behavior, etc.)