Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Everyone's an expert now...

Used to be you had to have some expertise on a subject to get published. Now people masquerade intelligence through blogs like this one and posts on community forums, like the ones the Times has for comments and debates after each online story.

And sometimes when I read local blogs and mostly when I read the comments posted to our stories, I am blown away by some the posted comments. And although I may disagree with their thoughts those posters/commenters have a right to voice their opinions and I'm glad our website affords them the opportunity to do so.

Most recently I have been perplexed by some of the comments posted to our coverage about the shootings at the Greenwood mayor's house. Some folks on the forum believe the actions weren't malicious, some say they think the shootings were the result of a drug deal gone bad, and others say the shots were a warning for the newly elected and first black mayor to get out of town. (I think I'm going with the later belief--some things are just obvious. The television news stations even uncovered a blog that details community members' hatred for the mayor.)

But I don't think any of these posters has any inside knowledge of what happened at Mayor Ernest Lampkins' house. And most all of the posters insisted their view was the correct one--even the drug deal gone sour. We don't know what the cause of the shooting is, but everyone sure is free to go on speculating and dishing out their half-baked expertise on that matter and any other one they choose.

Free speech, hunh? Wow sometimes it blows me away.

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