Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blue Man for Valentine's Day... sort of

Come on. You know you are ready to see the Blue Man Group in February at the CenturyTel Center splashing paint all over the place and beating on trash cans. Maybe they could fill the whole joint with toilet paper for us to dance in!

Now that would be some Valentine's date.

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T.S. said...

no, that's not a valentine's date. it's a seth 't.s.' noble's birthday bash date. i mean really, what more could you want than a few smurfs performing one of the more entertaining non-sporting events that's probably out there. i've seen bmg before, and they're fantastic. woohoo. we're actually going to go to the northeast for spring break 07, and seeing them at the charles theatre in beantown is already in our plans. i'd say to anyone who likes to laugh at a little political and social humor should definately hit this up. hell, i might go, knowing i'll see them a month and a half later.