Thursday, November 30, 2006

We're not the only one

The recent mayoral election featured lots of talk about attracting and retaining young professionals. According to the New York Times we're not the only ones.

Competition for us is particularly fierce, the story says, because "by 2012 the work force will be losing more than two workers for every one it gains." And they really want folks before they turn 35, when they become much less likely to move.

One of the most interesting points the story makes is that young people choose cities like Austin, Atlanta and Portland less because of what the city has done and more because ambiguous attitudes and word of mouth.

So instead of asking what can we do as we've done so many times before, my question for y'all is why are you here? And what keeps you here?

Shreveport-Bossier has some great and often overlooked assets like low cost of living, limited traffic and friendly people. Maybe if we promoted those things we could find ways to attract young adults.


Joel Anderson said...

Diane, you're absolutely right.

Something that former Mayor Keith Hightower (funny saying that, huh?) used to say is that the natives here have a terrible perception of their city.

Well, you know what they say about perception becoming reality.

While I sometimes crack jokes about this area, I've found it to be an overlooked and underappreciated place to work, live and play.

I've never really found myself lacking options to do things here, there's little to no traffic, and the goods and events are mostly inexpensive. The only thing I might complain about is the highly overpriced apartment market. And, yes, I'm definitely talking about the one I live in off of Airline in Bossier.

Tom said...

I'm here for one reason. The military assigned me here. I've lived in five locations over my Air Force career, and Shreveport was the second best. The first was Cambridge, England.

Shreveport has much to offer a young adult. The large medical and military establishments in this are offer a constant in-flux of young adults. That is key to keeping young adults in the area.

Sleepy towns where the military base is the biggest show in town get old very quickly, but Shreveport-Bossier has much more diversity in its young adult population.

What Shreveport lacks is a major airport. If the new mayor could get a major carrier like Southwest to fly into Shreveport regional, then this place would be great for young adults. Driving to DFW or paying an extra $300 for a plane ticket makes this a difficult place to be young and restless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Diane...thank you for "keeping it real" as the kids say. Surely the young Link 222 bloggers have more important thoughts than furniture, the electric slide vs the harlem shuffle, and Pam Anderson?!?!?! And if you choose to write about such silly things, at least make your blogs witty and interesting. Think about it before you post it folks!

Vdizzle said...

Hey anonymous, if that's serious, how about you start your own blog. This blog is about what they're thinking and like all human beings it's not always work. How about you calm down.

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