Friday, November 10, 2006

Shameless promotion

Janelle and I got the surprise of our blog lives recently: Johnny Q. Public actually knew about Link 222.

Granted, our new pal Goodwin thought the name was Link 122… but man, it was kind of exciting to find out people are reading this with basically no advertising so far.

We met Goodwin at Stray Cat (which also happens to be located at a 222 address) through my dear little (but grown) sister. She told him we were Times reporters and he immediately asked if we blogged on … “122 or whatever it's called.”

But we knew what he meant. (Goodwin also thought it important to remind everyone Hootie and the Blowfish is playing at Sam's Town next Friday, Nov. 17.)

Thanks, Goodwin. Keep reading, and tell your friends!


jake said...

If you haven't yet seen Hootie live, you absolutely MUST GO!! I've seen them twice and they were magnificent both times. You'd better be there Adam.

Sammy said...

i'm guessing this is ryan goodwin, and he just knows because he's in love with stephanie.

Stephanie Netherton said...
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Stephanie Netherton said...

Sammy, you know that embarrasses me. How would you like it if I told everyone you were performing with Vanilla Ice? Oh wait, I already did.

Kate Warren said...

Hahaha... I feel honored to have been the one to introduce 'Goodwin' and Stephanie.