Thursday, November 23, 2006

A sign of the times

It's almost noon here in Alexandria, Va. and I've already wished every last one of my friends well this Thanksgiving without talking to any of them. How? Through the wonderfully convenient text messaging tool on my cell phone.

Around 10 a.m. my phone started vibrating on the bed side table about every 15 minutes, indicating I had a new text message. I got messages that ranged from "Happy Thanksgiving, I miss ya'll." to "Are you ready for Black Friday?"

I know some people feel that things like text messaging and e-mail aren't personal and take something away from the human experience. I don't think so. I guess you have to balance it out. I sent a text message to about 15 of my friends, but there are some of my best friends that I'll be sure to call before the day is through.

How many of ya'll sent out text messages today?

So, on to the turkey. And if I haven't sent you a text already...readers, fellow the words of my nephews Elijah and Bryan, "Happy Turkey Day!"

On a side note: I want to send a happy birthday shout-out to fellow blogger/co-worker/friend Adam Kealoha Causey! Happy 24th!


Anonymous said...

When you're as old as you are (LOL) and you've accumulated as many friends as you have, it is difficult to find the time to sit down and place a personal call to every single one of them. So text messages are ok...hell at least they got that!! BUT there are those that you SHOULD make sure you call...not just on holidays, but on a weekly basis just to catch up and keep in touch. Text messages are convenient and they come in handy, but don't let it become your main form of communication. For some it's just nice to hear your voice :)

Anonymous said...

I don't really agree with sending text messages. I'm just getting used to the text messaging and just got it on my phone plan. I think phone calls on holidays are the most important and mean the most. I didn't respond to anyones text because they are all the same and I'd rather have a phone call from my close friend that I don't get to talk to that much anyway. But its ok to send them sometimes. It's just nice to take out at least 5 minutes of your busy time to give someone a call or just don't send a text at all.