Monday, November 27, 2006

Til death us do us part?

OK, so I'm skimming the entertainment news and I come across this and all I have to say is "Are we really surprised?" Even the question feels redundant.

I honestly don't understand the machinations of Hollywood marriages and relationships. In fact, actually, to me Hollywood marriages see more comparable to real-world courtships/relationships at the rate many of these celebs seem to change out partners.

I mean, Pamela Anderson was only married to this dude for 4 months. They dated longer than that. And, honestly I could care less, but it's just always funny to me to see the formation of such unions and measure the length of time involved in their demise.
I mean, remember, this is the same couple who not only had one wedding ceremony, but decided to make it a traveling show of sorts, holding several more ceremonies around the globe. If that isn't a divorce in the making...

Anyway, to each its own. However, it is kind of baffling to me when folks like Pamela Anderson are able to continuously wear and discard marriage after marriage like the latest designer dress while some folks never even get the chance...

I know we don't have all the answers yet, but this story just doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth at all. And it's so heartbreaking. I mean can you imagine all the dreams, anticipation, preparation and celebration that went into their Big Day, only for it to end in a nightmare before it even began? What do y'all think? Is this another case of racial profiling and police brutality at its worst? Or do you think the police were merely protecting themselves? Or was it a wrong-place-wrong-time kinda thing? Who's at fault? I hope at least the family gets answers and soon.


denny said...

Who cares? There are more important issues to face in this state and this nation and this world than either of these topics. Boo hoo for the poor, rich, famous celebrity couples. And in the three years we've been in Iraq, we've killed thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children (for what?). Where's the outrage over that? At least Michael Richards should breath a sigh of relief. The NYC shooting should take some of the heat off of his thoughtless rant.

Joel Anderson said...

Obviously you care, Denny. Otherwise you wouldn't have responded in the first place.

You know, folks, it's OK to admit that you might actually keep up with pop culture and have an interest in celebrities. I mean, they're celebrities for a reason, right?

It's possible to be multifaceted: you can like celebrities, you can read Tolstoy, you can be a huge LSU football fan, you can play piano on weekends, you can keep up with Pam and Kid Rock.

It doesn't make anyone more interesting because they only keep their antenna tuned to the Iraq "civil war", or poverty in Africa or some other signficant tragedy.

It's not like reading about Kid Rock and Pam's divorce is somehow preventing you from doing something great in your spare time. It only takes a second to care and quicker than that to digest its meaning.

Carry on.

Diane Haag said...

I am not a big follower of celebrity gossip, but I do think it can teach us a lot about our culture. What action do we find (un)acceptable? Who do we admire?

In this case, I think it says a lot when we're willing to throw away marriage after four months.

Anonymous said...

I like to keep up with SOME celeb Oprah and Steadman (LOL), Jay and B, Will & Jada, Denzel and (this is so terrible that I can't remember her name!). But that's because I love love and it's a beautiful thing to see it in all forms. From your average jane & joe, to your millionaires. With that said, I don't keep up with Pamela & Kid because I didn't get that from them. They seem like the average date em and leave em couple...kinda like Britney and Kevin...nonsense. Though I did think they were going to be together forever...hell didn't they both have some sort of of the ones that doesn't go away. From that alone I guess I thought they'd just stay together...ignorant kinda I guess.

Donecia Pea said...

I totally get what everyone is saying about celeb couples and I totally appreciate your comments. But I'd also really like to hear what y'all think about the other part of this blog: What are y'alls thoughts on the NYC shooting?