Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dancing feet

I knew it was coming.
It had to.
There’s no way an inaugural ball for the first black mayor of a city can go by and not have it.
The electric slide.
As I was getting dressed I kept thinking, “I hope they play the electric slide. They have to play the electric slide.”
And they did. Here's Donecia, Ashley and I enjoying the line dance.

Why am I so hyped on the electric slide, also known to some as the Harlem shuffle? I mean, what other dance that came out more than 10 years ago can still be performed today with no shame? It’s a dance that everybody can do, regardless of how much rhythm and coordination they have.
I mean, the electric slide is like the universal family reunion dance. I thought it was very appropriate for the occasion of ushering in a new mayor and maybe a new beginning for the city.
I had a great time.
Most of Link222 got dressed up and headed out to the event, either for work or play. We mingled, we networked, we developed some sources and we even hit the dance floor.
The highlight of my night, other than the electric slide, was seeing our executive editor join the dancing crowd with moves only he could make work.

Welcome to office Mr. Mayor and thanks for throwing an awesome party - complete with my favorite dance.
Here are some other folks who showed their fancy footwork for Mayor Cedric Glover...


Krystal P. said...

Hey girl, this is one of yalls biggest fans. First off let me tell you that this was a great post and those pictured let me know that I missed out a fun event!Now on a more critical note, I wanted to bring clarity to something that many people seemed to be misguided on. Here goes...are you ready...the harlem shuffle and the electric slide are in fact 2 different dances. Don't worry many people just dont know. (LOL) Anyway, I just thought there should be a public announcement in reference to the 2 age old romp shakers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Pictures are a great addition to your blog.

Janelle Rucker said...

Are they two different dances? lol. How so? Is it the same footwork but different music? Cuz that night I kept calling it the electric slide and others were calling it the harlem shuffle. I'm so lost. lol.
Well whatever its official name is, the dance that goes three steps to the right then the left, another three back with a little forward dip before turning in another direction...I love it!

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

People do the Electric Slide to country-ish songs. But the "Electric Slide" song has sort of a 70s pop, lounge-like sound...

Donecia Pea said...

Adam, Janelle, I'll show y'all the Electric Slide one day, lol. It is different from the Harlem Shuffle, but through the years, alot of people have just called the Harlem Shuffle the Electric Slide, instead. LOL, I didn't know they did the Electric Slide to country music! But I'm not surprised. I've seen some of those line dances done to country music. CMT goes HARD, lol.

Anonymous said...

The Harlem Shuffle is a lot older than 10 years?!?!?!? You're showing your age. And saying the two dances are not the same is like getting released from jail on a murder charge becasue you werent read your's a technicality but we all know you did it. It's the same dance people.

Anonymous said...


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