Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The real reason to be thankful

Well, it’s 5:51 p.m. and like a miracle that takes place only a few times a year, the newsroom is silent.
Or, rather, it’s as close to silent as it will ever be in this place at this time of day, on any given day.
Most of us have already begun the long trek home either by plane, car or just a few minutes away.
The remainder of us - three reporters, and about six copy desk staffers and editors - are still sitting here, still pecking away on the typewriter, still editing copy and still making those last-minute phone calls.
Some will be returning to work tomorrow to tell y’all all of the action that popped off on Thanksgiving Day. (Yeah, it’s the only day of the year that someone choking on a turkey leg might be considered for 1A.)
But anyway, as we all said our goodbyes, many of us took a moment to reflect on the many things we’re thankful for.
Sure, there’s the little stuff like life and health, and I mean family and friends are nice too, but there’s nothing like DVR, PlayStation 3, a week-old piece of pie that still looks fresh, or even finding an old pair of jeans you can still fit from 10 years ago to remind of you the important things in life to be thankful for.
So read below to see what we at Link222 are especially grateful for this year:

“For the third time in my life, I get to celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving! It's great to hear Granny say that sweet potato pie is, oh yeah, also Adam's birthday cake. I mean, how can you compete with holiday about gratefulness?

But in a real winning move, I did tie for second place in The Times newsroom's potluck competition. I made my mom's potato casserole. I was tempted to give an acceptance speech. Instead, I quietly accepted my passes to Regal Cinemas!”
-Adam Causey

“I am thankful for having loud, obnoxious, bossy, and confrontational co-workers with whom I can report and blog. I am also thankful that I haven’t gained 20 pounds of fat this week while going from home to home and desk to desk searching for holiday goodies! But I am most thankful that I have the whole world for which to share what I am thankful for (sarcasm) :D.”
-Ashley Northington

“I’m thankful for straightening irons, keyless entry, alarm clocks backed up by batteries and a host of other things that make my life easier.”
-Diane Haag

“I'm thankful that I have been unleashed from the police scanner for the holiday and will get to spend half of my time off enduring the frustration, hustle and bustle of holiday travel. Yay!

On a serious note, I'm thankful that my youngest nephew Elijah, 4, was released from the hospital Tuesday after he went in with a high fever and really bad headaches. (I'd be even more thankful if doctors could figure out why he gets these high fevers and has had to make trips to the emergency room two other times before.)”
-Janelle Rucker

“I’m thankful to once again claim the seat next to my grandmother at the Thanksgiving table. Nana’s always full of life and fun, but you have to keep a watchful eye on your plate. She’s not bashful about taking the turkey right off your plate to feed her black and white spotted Shih Tzu Cookie. I know where I stand in the family ranks and that’s what I’m most thankful for.”
-Stephanie Netherton

“I’m thankful just knowing that my fantasy boyfriend John Legend will performing just hours away in Dallas and Houston this Friday and Saturday, respectively. I’m also happy to have two copies of his latest CD (and two copies of his first CD, not to mention his earlier recordings) to cling on to in case it’s the closest I get to seeing him perform this weekend. I'm glad that, thanks to my sister, I will be taste John Legend's special recipe for mac and cheese that he made on the Martha Stewart show. And most of all, I’m thankful that I’ll always have the memories of his first two concerts I attended last year. I love you John Legend!

I’m also happy to be filing my final business brief and story for the day with only visions of turkey and dressing, banana pudding and sweet potato pie – instead of deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines – dancing in my head for the rest of the week!

And even though my family will be experiencing one of the weirdest Thanksgiving Day settings ever - in a hospital room visiting my grandma who’s still looking fabulous and on her way to feeling that way too – I’m so thankful that it will be, once again, a day we will all share together.”
-Donecia Pea

“I’m thankful that it's football and not baseball season during the Thanksgiving holidays.

I’m thankful that the Houston Texans didn’t draft the highly overrated Reggie Bush.

I’m thankful that my girlfriend brought me into the 21st Century and bought me an iPod Nano, TiVo and Sirius Satellite Radio. She also bought me a book by one of my favorite pop culture critics, Chuck Klosterman.

And, in all seriousness, I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in a place like Shreveport-Bossier City. The people, more than the place, have made it a wonderful experience.”
-Joel Anderson

Happy Thanksgiving E’erybody!

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