Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grown and Sexy, No. 1

To the fans of Link 222 or people who stop by just to take anonymous pot shots at the blog:

This is the debut of a weekly feature on the blog, somewhat childlishly dubbed "Grown & Sexy." Every week, we'll feature some of Shreveport-Bossier City’s most “desirable” young professionals, both men and women, on the blog. We plan to rotate weekly between the men’s and women’s picks, running the item on Wednesdays.

There’s not much of a selection process here. Just whenever one of us sees someone who would make a good G&S model and we happen to have a digital camera, we'll take their picture and a few notes.

Here's our first victim, er, choice. I met Melissa Dameworth through mutual friends, particularly since she used to work here at The Times. Unfortunately for us - particularly me, she's moved on to a better-paying job with better hours. But we still think a lot of her in here. Certainly, I do.

Name: Melissa Dameworth.
Age: 30.
Hometown: I claim Albuquerque, N.M., but I was a military brat.
Occupation: Financial Aid Counselor at Louisiana State University-Shreveport.
Relationship status: Engaged.
What's your sign? Cancer.
If I Had A Superpower, it would be ... the ability to mind read. I think that would be an interesting power to possess.
My dream vacation would be ... to spend a few months traveling around Europe-Spain, Italy and Greece in particular.
How does a guy get your attention? I'm impressed by a man with tenacity. A man who isn't afraid to approach me on his own and hold a conversation with me is going to get my attention. If he has to send in his wingman to establish contact with me, then he shouldn't even bother.
Reality Show You'd Want To Be On: I think it would be fun to compete on one of the Real World-Road Rules Challenges because they get to compete in a variety of crazy physical and mental events.
If I'm on a deserted island, I'd have to take ... food. I don't want to have to hunt and gather my food.
Favorite Cereal ... Right now it's Raisin Bran Crunch.
I've Never Been Able To Say No To ... New Mexican food. I love it!
On a Saturday night, I'll Be ... going to dinner and a movie with my fiancé.
I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for ... my mom and dad. They are both retired from the Air Force and we moved a lot during my childhood. It's made me into a person who can adapt very easily to new people, environments and cultures.
My best friend would say that I am ... loyal, fun and like a sister to her.
Favorite childhood memory: I have so many... but we moved to Germany when I was in 5th grade and my sister was in 4th. Our house was three stories and she and I used to ride down the stairs in my mom's laundry basket. I remember getting in trouble for breaking the laundry basket, but we had fun.
If I had one more hour in the day, I would ... jog. It's already getting dark by the time I get home from work and I'm not interested in joining a gym, so I don't get to get outside and work out very often.


Terry Jones said...

No comment....LOL

Vdizzle said...

Um, Joel dearie, I think you're a bit confused as to how a Grown and Sexy section works. All the features people are supposed to be SINGLE.

Mr. Idiot said...

I concur! Grown, sexy and taken - doesn't really help the single people find viable canidates for dating.

Joel Anderson said...

In my opinion, that's between you and Grown & Sexy and their fiance.

I have this theory, one that says you're not any less Grown & Sexy if you happened to be hitched - legally or otherwise.

I mean, this isn't a singles Web site. You can check out or (I saw this on a sign while driving home the other day. Promise.) if you're looking for someone to love or whatever.

Melissa, to me, is the perfect G&S candidate: attractive, intelligent, interesting and gainfully employed. She also happens to be engaged.

Hey, it happens. Maybe if you're lucky, it'll happen to you someday.

By the way, if you all have better candidates, please feel free to submit your choices. I can be reached at