Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cable as a means of communism

Not to be a shill or anything, but I love my DirecTV. Really.

As such, there's really no good reason for me to be forced to switch cable TV services simply because my apartment has formed an evil alliance with some cable company called Sudden Link (apparently, it's the descendant of Cox or something).

With the lease at my Bossier apartment complex coming to an end on Nov. 1, I was informed that to re-sign, I'd have to agree to a rent increase of $80 a month to include the costs of cable and Internet access.

Now, I don't have to actually use these services but I do have to pay for them - of course, each of them are more expensive that the services I get through DirecTV and Bellsouth. And, on a journalist's salary, I can't afford to pay for two separate cable services. This is a problem.

And this, my friends, is akin to a form of communism: all of us subject to weekday nights without ESPN Classic, MTV2 or TVOne as a means of social control.

So, if you're interested, help me rise up against this mighty political force that is threatening my TV-viewing habits in Bossier. Preserve my right to have a satellite on my 2nd-floor balcony.
How can a guy get by on Wednesday nights without a replay of the 1985 Michigan-Ohio State game?

If you don't agree with me, not only are you wrong but you're a commie.


melissa dameworth said...

I have recently embarked on the process of switching from Time Warner/Comcast/Whatever (the devil's cable company) to satellite. It's been a nightmare. I originally chose to go with Dish Network because I had used the service several years ago. Big mistake. They proceeded not to show up for the install appointment for two weekends in a row. Needless to say, I informed them that their services were no longer necessary. Now I have chosen to go with Direct TV through Bell South. Let's hope they show up to install it next weekend!

But I can't believe what your apartment complex is trying to force you to do. Do you still have time left on your contract with Direct TV? Will you have to pay to break said contract?

This is just wrong on so many levels. If you choose not to switch to this new need to look for a new place to live. Nice.

I'm glad I am finally a homeowner!

Good luck, Joel!

Terry Jones said...

awwww Joel, get over it! I've seen your taste in clothes, MTV will do you some good! LOL, j/k...I stand behind you. Let's raise up against "da man!"