Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Planes, Just Trains and Automobiles

I usually take Clyde Fant Pkwy. into our offices here at 222 Lake St. and lately it seems like I always come up against a freight train on the Commerce St. tracks.
As you know from an earlier post, I’m not the most patient when behind the wheel and today I was running late for work so I was really on edge.
So instead of getting off the parkway at Lake I continue on down to Milam, where I’m usually able to get across. Nope.
I sat there for a minute before turning around and going further down Clyde Fant to Market Street.
Imagine my dismay, anger and complete irritation to find the beginning of the train just making its way across the tracks through the construction site of the new hotel.
I sat there for 15-20 min while the train slowly, oh so slowly, made its way across the intersection.

Note: I do see how my impatience worked against me here…had I just waited at Lake or Milam, I would have been able to make it to my destination a little quicker.

Anywho, what’s the deal?! It seems like the train tracks run across many major roadways in this city.
Market, Lake, Milam, W. 70th at its intersection with Hearne Ave. Also in Benton Road, Airline Drive and Texas Street in Bossier City.
It’s craziness. So if you miss a train on one route, you’re sure to catch it on another.

Via Bossier City P.I.O. Mark Natale, I found out that freight train companies don’t communicate with city officials as to the comings, goings or stoppings of their trains. He said Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen has even tried to talk with them about changing their schedule so as not to come through the city during rush hour. He got no response.

It seems that the railroad tracks and the trains that use them are just a part of Shreveport living. So, I’ll continue to be impatient and race to beat the train, keeping my fingers crossed that someone will try to find a solution to a problem that is felt by many in the community.


Stephanie Netherton said...

Janelle, your behind the wheel blogs scare me! I think the only thing that would scare me more is to ride somewhere with you!

Janelle Rucker said...

Hey, no need to be scared. lol. I'd get us anywhere we needed to go quickly and safely. I'm a GREAT defensive driver.